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Economic Weakness in Japan: Will Authorities Intervene to Support the Yen?

By Samir Al Khoury, Japan’s year-on-year headline CPI came in at 2.5% today, lower than the previous reading of 2.7%. The core consumer price index, which excludes food, on an annual basis in Japan recorded 2.2%, which is in line with expectations but lower than the previous reading of 2.6%. Recent Japanese economic data indicate […]

Positive UK Economic Indicators Drive GBP/USD Upward

By Samir Al Khoury, The GBP/USD price continues its upward trend for the fifth day in a row, recording 1.2761 yesterday, its highest level since March 21, 2024. It is currently trading near the 1.2730 level. The headline CPI on an annual basis in Britain recorded 2.3% yesterday, higher than expectations (2.1%) but lower than […]

April’s Trading Triumph: A Chronicle of Persistence and Tenacity

As April unfolded, traders of different sides around the globe embarked on a journey of skill, strategy, and sheer determination in the Taurex Demo Trading Competition. Within the confines of virtual markets, participants sought to outmaneuver their peers, aiming for the coveted top positions and the accompanying rewards. Let’s explore the advantages of this competition […]

Nasdaq 100 Hits Record High: Analysis of Key Drivers and Market Trends

By Samir Al Khoury, The Nasdaq 100 index reached 18,721 points yesterday, marking its highest level ever. This index has risen by 12% since the beginning of this year until yesterday’s close, and it has surged by about 33% from the low of 14,058 points recorded on October 26, 2023, to the peak of 18,721 […]

Microsoft has announced a new lineup of PCs featuring advanced chips

Microsoft has announced a new lineup of PCs featuring advanced chips designed to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into the Windows software experience, all while prioritizing battery efficiency. The company revealed a Surface Laptop and a Surface Pro tablet equipped with Qualcomm chips capable of handling select AI tasks offline. This move marks a significant step […]

The most important events of the past week

By Samir Al Khoury, United States of America The headline consumer price index recorded on an annual basis 3.4%, which is in line with expectations but lower than the previous reading (3.5%). The core consumer price index (which excludes food and energy) recorded 3.6% on an annual basis, which is in line with expectations but […]

Dow Jones Hits Historic 40,000 Milestone, Defying Market Doubts

By Camilo Botia, The Dow Jones Industrial Average has achieved a remarkable feat, soaring to the historic 40,000 mark. This is not just a number, but a significant milestone that underscores the strength of the stock market. This achievement is a testament to the confidence investors have in the resilience of corporate America, driven by the potential for […]

VIX Fear Index Hits Lowest Level Since January 2024

By Samir Al Khoury, The VIX Fear and Volatility Index, which expresses investors’ expectations regarding price movement in the stock market, dropped yesterday from 21.36 points to approximately 12.38 points. This is its lowest level since January 11, 2024, indicating stability and investor satisfaction in the US stock markets, as US stock indices closed with […]

Resilient Canadian Economy: Will the USD/CAD Downtrend Hold Steady?

By Samir Al Khoury, The USD/CAD price continues its downward trend for the fifth consecutive day, reaching 1.3635 today, but it is still up approximately 3% year-to-date. Recent Canadian economic data indicate that the Canadian economy is resilient: • The Ivey Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 63.0 points, surpassing expectations (58.1) and the previous […]

Embrace the Thrill of the Bull Run Competition – Insights from March’s Winners! 

  March witnessed the electrifying showdown of our Bull Run competition, where 3477 traders put their trading powers to the test and 3 contestants charged to the top of the competition. But what fuelled their success? Let’s uncover the secrets straight from the champions and explore why diving into the next demo competition could be your […]

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